Martin Durkin has produced, directed and executive produced hundreds of hours of documentaries and TV for broadcasters around the world, including Discovery, National Geographic and many others. The company he founded and ran was, for a while, the single biggest producer of shows for the Science Channel and Discovery Networks International. His various documentaries have won many awards and he has served on the steering committee of the World Congress of Science Producers, the Edinburgh Television Festival, and as a judge for the Bafta and Royal Television Society awards.


Tom Nelson is a podcaster who has been deeply examining climate debate issues for the better part of two decades. On the Tom Nelson Podcast in the fall of 2022, Martin expressed a desire to remake 2007’s “The Great Global Warming Swindle”, and that kicked off a successful effort to do just that. Many of the scientists interviewed in Climate: The Movie have done lengthy interviews for the Tom Nelson Podcast.


Climate Intelligence (Clintel) is an independent foundation informing people about climate change and climate policies. Clintel was founded in the Netherlands in 2019 by emeritus professor of geophysics Guus Berkhout and science journalist Marcel Crok. Clintel launched the World Climate Declaration stating there is no climate emergency. A global network of more than 1900 scientists and professionals has prepared this urgent message. Almost all of the scientists interviewed in the film are also signatories of Clintel’s World Climate Declaration.